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Throughout our history as a company we are listening to the needs of our customers.  This helps our software evolve throughout the years.  With over 30 years in the floral industry our software is responsible for the day to day operations of small to enterprise level flower shops across the United States and Canada.


Redefining Service

As time has passed our journey is ongoing.  Our mission has always been to offer exceptional service to our florists.  We are a constantly evolving team of professionals who love to answer the needs for the ever changing industry.  Our support goes unmatched as the best in the industry.  With quick response times and long time staff, we identify the needs of our customers.

Our Journey So Far


MAS Direct Network is founded 

McShan Florist in Dallas, TX decided to move to a newer platform as the old one was going to be no longer supported.   This led to an initial delivery interface.  The delivery interface worked so well that they decided to incorporate an order entry , accounting , and inventory system to fully replace the older system.


Where we are now

Over the last 20 years we have focused on great integrations with partners including credit card processing, wire service integration.  The development of the MAS Direct API has introduced a single point of communication from any 3rd party to the customer's MAS system endpoint.   Our new web based Florafire system is soon to be released.

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